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This website is a continuation of a project several years in development. My interest in ancestry was sparked at an early age from listening to fragmented yet intriguing old family tales. When curiosity compelled me to explore beyond the oral history, I found it tragic how little physical evidence of our predecessors’ existence there seemed to be—at least at first. Thus, salvaging our lineal history quickly expanded into a passionate pursuit.

The success of this restoration gained momentum through several contacts who have, over the years, shared information, stories, and copies of old photographs—which I have a deep reverence for. Their generosity has made it possible to fill in some gaps, reconstruct sections of genealogy, and preserve our lineal history.


If some of the information I have presented here was useful to you please site me as a source: “David von Ehrlicher”. Please do not just take my research for granted—question it, and improve upon it. I do not mind being proven wrong; only please let me know after you have done so, so that I may make the proper adjustments. As always, corrections are welcome.

I would like to extend a special thanks to the following people who were particularly helpful in contributing to my research at various points during my genealogical quests:

Anne Ehrlicher Lindsey
Sister Sharon Marie Fox, PHJC
Ernst Stross, Bürgermeister von Hammelburg
Joachim Schmitt
Marie Preiser Ehrlicher
John Elmer Preiser
Diane Fleisher Preiser
Bonnie Holpuch Rolbiecki
N.N. Anonymous from Roggenstein
Joseph Puentes
Erlinda Castanon-Long
Rita Navarro
Claudia Casillas
Katy Brecht
Jaime Holcombe Isunza
Mary Lou Montagna
Rick A. Ricci
Jack Weiner, Ph.D.
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Latest News
Apr 2013 - Gateway ancesters are Capitán y Sargento Mayor Don Antonio Maldonado Zapata, Doña Josepha Francisca de Sardaneta Legazpi de Rutiaga, and possibly Don Joseph Márquez de los Olivos.

Apr 2013 - Working on ancesters of Capitán y Sargento Mayor Don Antonio Maldonado Zapata.

Jul 2013 - Still plowing forward.

Dec 2013 - The following lines have been reviewed and new information was added: Padron, Nieto, de Cervantes, González, Leaños, and del Muro.

Mar 2014 - Many updates in for lines in San Luis Potosí.

Mar 2014 - Corrections made for the family of Diego de la Torre.

2 May 2014 - Marie Wilhelmina Barbara Preiser Ehrlicher has passed away.

5 Jan 2015 - Castro, Mesa, Losolla, Cervantes, Ruiz, Ramirez, updates.

April 2015 - New ancestry in Villanueva and Aguascalientes via Aguayo and Lozano.

July 2015 - More on Aguayo and Benavides coming soon.

August 2015 - Aguayo and Benavides updated.

January - April 2016 - Lots of updates. Just look around.

May - July 2016 - updates multiple and continuous.

July - October 2016 - many updates coming soon.